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SAMTEC HSX-HD WiFi interface

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Quick Overview

The HSX is a modular-built VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) with PowerPC-Core for the communication with vehicle electronic control units. This Heavy Duty version of the HSX family is designed for rough operations in garage, service and factory.



The HSX Interface can be integrated into tool chains that are based on the new MVCI standards PDU-API / PASS THRU. Hence the interface can be used not only with samtec software but also with other diagnostic applications that conform to the norms. Due to the multi bus design diagnostic tasks can be simultaneously executed on several bus systems.


  • •32 Bit PowerPC with high-performance core (384 MHz)
  • •Fast boot time (< 2 sec)
  • •Memory with at least 16 MByte flash and 64 MByte SDRAM
  • •1 x Full CAN port
  • •Up to 2 x K-Line ports: selectable baud rates up to 250 KBaud in K-Line mode
  • •Time critical execution of multi instance bus protocols
  • •High data throughput
  • •Supports MVCI-PDU Standard
  • •Job ability by Virtual Machine (VM) based on ANSI C
  • •Shock proved housing with LED status displays, protection class IP54
  • •High quality bayonet connectors for automotive and USB interface
  • •Industrial operable temperature rage
  • •Galvanic separation for PC-ports and diagnostic-bus
  • •Optional with WLAN