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Honda Modular Vehicle Communications Interface (MVCI)

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Quick Overview

Genuine Honda MVCI Dealer Diagnostic Tool. The Honda Dealer MVCI communicates with all Honda OBD-equipped vehicles model year 1992 and newer.


Kit Includes:

  • H554349 Wireless SDIO Card (not sold separately)
  • 3825-32 OBD-II 16 Pin Cable
  • H549544 Wireless SD Card Retainer Clip
  • H550175 (2) AA NiMH Rechargeable Gen 2 Batteries
  • H550207 AC Adapter
  • H550421 USB 2.0 Cable with Retainer Clip
  • H550881 4GB SD Commercial Grade Memory Card
  • H548720 USB Cable Mechanical Locking Clip (not shown)
  • H552684 Power Supply Blade Kit (global adapter kit)(not shown)
  • H554837 Carrying Case with Foam Insert
  • Can communicate directly with a Windows-based PC using a USB 2.0 or RJ45 Ethernet cable. The MVCI can also communicate via WIFI wireless network. Supports 802.11 big standards with WEP-64 bit and 128 bit, WPA-TKIP and WPA2- AES encryptions in both Adhoc and Infrastructure modes.

    Multiple ECUJ2534-1 I J2534-2 Compliant Pass through Reprogramming. Stand alone without PC Vehicle Calibration Files stored on SD card User interface Pressure sensitive, fast navigation 6 button keypad.

    Vehicle Communication Protocols:

    • Single Wire CAN
    • Pin selectable dual wire CAN
    • 2nd CAN (Dual Wire)
    • Pin Selectable K-Line J1708
    • SAE J1850 VPW (Class 2)
    • SAE J1850 PWM (Ford SCP)
    • L-Line,UBP,5V SCI

    Application Program Interface (API) with J-2534-1 and J-2534-2. 400mhz CPU Processor with a realtime clock including battery backup.