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TDB002 Transponder Tester

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Quick Overview

The TDB002 Transponder Tester offers a simple check to ensure a key or remote control has a working transponder fitted and also a fast and easy way to check if the transponder is responding. It is not always easy to check whether there is a transponder fitted when diagnosing vehicle key and immobiliser problems, and the TDB002 offers a simple cost effective solution, saving time and money.


The TDB002 has a large aperture to allow most keys and remotes to be checked, it gives an indication that DATA is being sent by the transponder and the frequency at which the transponder is communicating. The TDB002 uses 3 AA batteries, normal or rechargeable, making it very cost effective, and will run for a minimum of 20 hours with good quality batteries. It is also fitted with an automatic power off feature to save battery life and a low battery indicator.


  • User friendly and portable
  • Powered by 3 x AA Batteries
  • Can be used on ALL Makes of vehicles, boats, trucks and motorbikes keys
  • Test 134 KHz Transponders
  • Test 125 KHz Transponders
  • Tests Fixed and Crypto Transponders
  • Tests remote control Smart keys and normal type key Transponders
  • Low cost
  • Time saving
  • Simple to use
  • Carry Case