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Customer Service


Customer’s Rights
You have the right to buy products on www.SIGMABIT.eu website in accordance with the current rules and the order established by the Seller. The Customer can cancel an order and get a refund if he/she gives a written notice to the Seller within 3 hours since the order was placed on www.SIGMABIT.eu. In this case, the Customer receives a full refund on total amount of the order.
If the Customer cancels an order on the expiry of 3 hours after the order was placed, the order is considered to be cancelled provided a written notice is given to the Seller. In this case, the Customer receives a refund on products ordered except for the order handling and delivery charges.
Customer’s Commitments
The Customer commits himself to pay for an order placed on www.SIGMABIT.eu and to receive products ordered in accordance with established procedures. The Customer undertakes not to disclose his account data to the third parties. In case of loss of his/her account data, the Customer has to immediately inform the Seller – using the contact form on www.SIGMABIT.eu or by calling www.SIGMABIT.eu customer support center.
As soon as some personal information, which was provided during the registration process, changes, the Customer has to immediately update it.
In case the Customer refuses to accept the ordered products upon agreed delivery beyond any considerable reason, the Customer has to pay the Seller for the re-delivery in advance. The www.SIGMABIT.eu customer agrees to the Rules and has to comply with them.
Seller’s Rights
If the Customer attempts disturbing work or stable functioning of www.SIGMABIT.eu, the Seller has the right to limit or suspend the Customer’s access to www.SIGMABIT.eu or, in some cases, to delete the Customer’s account without a preliminary notice.
In certain cases, the Seller can suspend or stop functioning of the e-shop without a preliminary notice of the Customer.
The Seller is entitled to change regulations of these rules unilaterally.
Seller’s Commitments
The Seller undertakes to offer the Customer all necessary services of www.SIGMABIT.eu and to deliver ordered products at customer’s address in time. In certain cases, when the Seller is incapable of delivering ordered products to the Customer, the Customer is offered to choose from the range of substitute products. If the Customer refuses the offered substitutes, he/she gets a refund within 10 days, less 5% of the order amount minus a delivery fee. The delivery fee cannot be refunded.
Payment & Pricing
To protect customers' privacy we accept PayPal payment methods. With PayPal, you may pay via Credit Card and this is automatically performed by PayPal. You do not need to do any extra work. The advantage of using PayPal, as a customer, is that the merchant never gets to see any of your financial information.
When you checkout on a merchant's site directly, the merchant will receive your billing address, credit card number, expiry date, CVV/CVV2 codes, personal phone number, and other private information. This means regardless of how secure the site is, somebody will eventually get their hands on your personal and financial data.
When you checkout via PayPal, we only see the shipping address you specified in PayPal and optionally a telephone that you explicitly wish to share with us.
Additionally you can use direct wire transfers, and we SHIP your order upon the actual receipt of payment!
Most personal order may be held up to 7 business days for processing.
Product Delivery
The orders are typically delivered within 3-5 business days depending on ordering country.
Products are delivered by the Seller or by an authorized Seller’s representative. Before accepting the products delivered, the Customer has to inspect the package for any damage. A package is considered to be delivered successfully as soon as the Customer signs an shipping documents
Should some considerable damage to the package is noticed, the Customer has to indicate that in a consignment note and file a damage report. If there are no package damage notes on invoice, the package is considered to be delivered successfully.
Returns & Replacements
Defective products are exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Contact us at sales@sigmabt.eu and upload a picture or video file clearly showing the defect of the product and we will give you a response within 48 hours (Monday to Tuesday, excluding public holidays).
We recommend customers to keep the original packaging of the order until the items are found to be in good condition. Our customer care staffs may request that you send a picture of the original packaging to research on and help you resolve any product or order related questions.
The responsibility for correct information provided by filling-in a registration form rests upon the Customer. If the Customer does not provide the Seller with correct information, the Seller is relieved of responsibility for the consequences.
The Customer is amenable for his actions while using www.SIGMABIT.eu. The Customer is also accountable for the disclosure of account data to the third parties. In case, these third parties use the acquired information, the Customer becomes responsible for their actions. The Seller is not amenable for information given to other companies even though the Customer was directed to their web pages from www.SIGMABIT.eu. In case of a damage cause, the party at fault indemnifies the aggrieved party for losses.
Information Sending
The Seller sends information to the Customer’s e-mail address indicated in a registration form. The Customer sends his messages and questions using the contact form or address his/her queries by calling www.SIGMABIT.eu customer support center.
Concluding Regulations
These rules are in force in accordance to legal norms of the Republic of Lithuania.
All disagreements in compliance with these rules are resolved by carrying on negations. In case a disagreement still remains, it is resolved in accordance to the procedure defined by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.