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  1. Code Wizard Pro 2 - Your Pocket Calculator

    Code Wizard Pro 2 - Your Pocket Calculator

    Regular Price: €275.00

    Special Price: €250.00

    The Code Wizard Pro 2, is a software program that supports multi vehicle brands and provides the ability to generate immobilizer pin codes, mechanical key codes and dealer tool security codes. Code Wizard Pro 2 supports about 60 of vehicles brands. Calculation of security codes for immobilizer key programming and electronic unit synchronization, calculation of mechanical KEY codes by VIN, passwords for Coded Access to security functions of OEM software and much more. Number 1 product in the world.

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  2. Tokens for Code Wizard Pro 2

    Tokens for Code Wizard Pro 2


    Recharge your Code Wizard Pro 2 with required number of tokens Learn More
  3. Mercedes-Benz Truck eXplorer

    Mercedes-Benz Truck eXplorer

    Regular Price: €3,750.00

    Special Price: €3,500.00

    Out of stock

    MB Truck eXplorer – powerful tool for special operations on Mercedes Trucks Engine Control Unit (PLD). MBeX can program keys, read / write internal PLD memory EEPROMs and FLASH, calculate codes with algorithm compatible with X1,X2, X8, XT, XT by VeDoc (FDOK) X-functions, calculate DAS password for MR download. Learn More
  4. PSA Explorer + Key Prog

    PSA Explorer + Key Prog


    Out of stock

    PSA Explorer allows to add a blank key via OBD-II connector for Peugeot and Citroen cars. It is based on brand-new Vehicle Explorer Interface (VEI™). No need to know any PIN codes. PSA Explorer has a function of automatic BSI restoration in case of any problems happened during previous unsuccessful PIN code reading. You can use it remotely without software and PC with special sound and light signals to program a key. Learn More

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